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To start accepting payments from customers, please complete the registration form below. Once submitted, we will promptly get in touch with you to finalize the service agreement.

Once you receive the necessary data for the system installation, you will have the option to install a payment plugin or utilize the provided technical documentation specifically tailored for developers.

Online store information

E.g.: +370 65912387. This phone number will be displayed to customers.
This email address will be displayed to customers.
E.g.: "Chocolate and Coffee" or "". The name should be written without quotation marks.
This information will be provided to banks. It may also be visible to customers.

Installer's information

All necessary installation information will be sent to this address.

Sellers's information

Address used for the agreement with OPAY and correspondence. E.g.: Bokšto str. 1-4, Vilnius.
Used in the agreement with OPAY.
Used in the agreement with OPAY.
The collected funds will be transferred to this account.