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Installment purchases

What is installment payments service?

The installment payment service is designed for customers seeking to purchase higher-priced goods or services and prefer paying for them in installments rather than the full upfront cost. For eligibility, the customer's shopping cart must total at least €100; otherwise, alternative payment options are provided. This fully automated online payment method streamlines document management for you. Customers can conveniently engage in a buy-now-pay-later agreement remotely at their discretion. Upon selecting this payment option, customers are directed to the leasing company's webpage, where they provide the necessary information and sign the required documents. Within moments, the leasing company assesses the customer's creditworthiness and, upon approval, presents a detailed loan offer. Once the customer electronically signs the buy-now-pay-later agreement, you promptly receive payment information, enabling you to initiate order processing. The complete payment for the purchased goods or services made by the customer is transferred to you, while the customer can conveniently repay the leasing company in installments over a specified period.

How does buying on installment work?

1. Customer selects the installment payment option and is redirected to the leasing company's webpage.

2. The customer provides required information and electronically signs the necessary documents.

3. The leasing company evaluates the customer's credit and offers a loan.

4. After reviewing financing terms, the customer electronically signs the installment purchase agreement.

5. The customer receives email confirmation of the successful payment.


• Convenient payment method for high-value goods or services;

• Minimum shopping cart value of €100 required;

• Automated payment simplifies the process for both parties;

• Remote conclusion of the installment purchase agreement;

• Real-time information on customer payments;

• Complete payment amount for goods or services transferred to you;

This payment method does not include buyer protection (chargeback), which is common for payments made by credit or debit card when a buyer contacts their bank with a valid request to return the paid funds. In this case, if the buyer is unsatisfied with their purchase, they can directly contact the seller to take necessary actions to resolve the situation.

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