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Cash payments

What is cash payments service?

Paying in cash can be a very attractive payment method for those customers who do not use online banking or payment cards when shopping online, so by offering this option, you will not lose potential sales. The wide network of payment locations covers more than 2500 physical locations throughout Lithuania. By choosing this payment method, the customer receives a payment order, which can be downloaded to their device or printed. With the payment order, the customer goes to the Perlo terminal or the Maxima cash register and makes the payment. The system will automatically notify you of a successful payment within one hour, so you can start processing the order. In this case, you will not be able to access the funds immediately because their crediting takes longer than when using other payment methods.

How do cash payments work?

1. When choosing to pay in cash, the customer is redirected to a page where the payment order is provided.

2. On this page, the customer can download or print the payment order.

3. With the payment order in hand, the customer goes to one of the service points and makes the payment.

4. The system automatically notifies about the successful completion of the customer's payment.

5. The customer receives a confirmation message via email about the successful payment.


• Alternative to the standard online payments;

• The wide network of service points across Lithuania;

• Attractive payment option for those who prefer using cash;

• The payment process is automated;

• The funds are credited longer.

This payment method does not include buyer protection (chargeback), which is common for payments made by credit or debit card when a buyer contacts their bank with a valid request to return the paid funds. In this case, if the buyer is unsatisfied with their purchase, they can directly contact the seller to take necessary actions to resolve the situation.

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