Card payments

What is the payment card service?

Payment card service is a popular method of payment among foreign customers, allowing to accept payments from payment cards issued by banks in different countries. By using the payment card service, you can offer your customers a secure and convenient payment method with debit and credit cards such as MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, and VISA Electron, as well as accept one-click and recurring payments. This payment method can be one of the most attractive to customers because it is easily recognizable and provides a sense of security during payment due to the buyer protection applied. During the payment, the customer enters their card details and confirms the payment. An additional 3D Secure protection is applied in the European Union, where the customer is redirected to the page of the bank that issued the card to verify their identity - ensuring that the customer is the rightful owner of the card. After the payment by card, within two days, you can start to dispose of 90% of the amount paid by the customer, while the remaining part of the amount can be reserved for up to 100 calendar days.

What do you need to know before arranging payments by payment cards?

Before starting to negotiate payments with payment cards, we recommend familiarizing yourself in detail with the requirements for the website, the activity being carried out, the documents provided, and the information. By assessing in advance the need, costs, compliance with requirements, and eliminating possible shortcomings, the coordination process, which takes about 1-4 weeks, will be significantly smoother. For your convenience, we have prepared an informational guide, which you can review here.

How does payment by card work?

1. After choosing to pay with a payment card, the customer is directed to a secure payment page.

2. On the opened page, the customer enters his card details and confirms the payment.

3. After the customer's confirmation, he is redirected to the page of the bank that issued his card for identity verification.

4. After a successful verification by the bank, the amount of money is debited from the customer's card and transferred to a special OPAY bank account.

5. The customer is redirected back to the website, and the system automatically notifies that the payment has been completed.

6. The customer receives an email notification about the successful payment.

How does payment chargeback work?

Payment card transactions may be subject to buyer protection, where the customer, for example, not recognizing the payment transaction, being dissatisfied with the purchase or its quality, has the right to officially dispute the payment and request a refund. In such a case, the customer contacts the bank that issued the payment card, which decides on the validity of the dispute and immediately returns the paid amount to the customer's account, i.e. performs a chargeback, and only then resolves the dispute in detail. Upon receiving information from us about the chargeback of a payment transaction, you will be able to dispute it by providing sufficient evidence-related to delivery of goods, payment information, etc. that the payment was legitimate. The bank that issued the payment card, having received and evaluated the evidence provided, makes a final decision on the disputed payment - cancels the card owner's dispute, transferring the disputed funds to you, or makes a favorable decision for the customer.


• The most popular payment method among foreign customers;

• Convenient payments with debit and credit cards;

• One-click and recurring payments;

• Buyer protection increases the sense of security for the customer;

• 3D Secure"protection reduces the risk of unauthorized payments;

• A portion of the funds can be reserved for up to 100 calendar days;

• Service provision is agreed upon individually.

Our services come with transparent pricing, ensuring no hidden fees!