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Wire transfers

What is wire transfer?

The wire transfer service allows the customer to pay for their purchases by performing a simple money transfer through a Lithuanian or foreign bank. During the payment process, the customer is provided with a payment order that can be downloaded to their device or printed with just one click. With the wire transfer, the customer can choose how to make the payment - either through their online banking or by visiting a bank branch and depositing cash, for example. When the customer pays for their purchases or services, the automated system immediately notifies you of the received payment, allowing you to fulfill the order. This payment method is convenient because you don't have to worry about individual customer transfers to the company's bank account, as we will collect the received funds and transfer them to you.

How does wire transfer work?

1. When choosing payment by wire transfer, the customer is redirected to a page where a payment order is provided.

2. On this page, the customer can download or print the payment order.

3. The customer makes a transfer based on the payment order through online banking or by going to the bank branch.

4. The system automatically notifies about the successful payment made by the customer.

5. The client receives a confirmation email about the successful payment.


• Money transfers through Lithuanian or foreign banks;

• Customers will be able to download or print the payment order;

• Customers will be able to pay in one of two ways;

• We will transfer the collected funds to your designated account;

• We will immediately inform you about the completed payment.

This payment method does not include buyer protection (chargeback), which is common for payments made by credit or debit card when a buyer contacts their bank with a valid request to return the paid funds. In this case, if the buyer is unsatisfied with their purchase, they can directly contact the seller to take necessary actions to resolve the situation.

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