Submitting a complaint

How and in what form can I submit my complaint?

If you are a payment service user and you are not satisfied with the services we provide, have complaints, questions, or would like to talk about an unpleasant situation that has arisen, please contact us directly first. Upon receiving your message, we will examine it and inform you about further steps.

You have several ways to reach out to us for any concerns:

by filling out the contact form on the website;

by sending a message via email;

by calling us;

If you still believe that we have violated your rights or legitimate interests, you always have the right to file a complaint with us within 3 months of the alleged violation of your rights. Payment service users who want to use the non-judicial dispute resolution procedure for consumers and financial market participants must submit a complaint no later than 3 months from the day they learned about the violation of their rights.

An individual (i.e. the complainant) who wishes to file a complaint regarding the services we provide and/or contracts entered into with us, and believes that their rights or legitimate interests have been violated, can do so in the following ways:

by filling out the contact form on the website;

by sending a message via email;

by sending a letter by post to M. K. Paco str. 4, LT-10309, Vilnius

If you choose to submit a free-form complaint, please provide the following information:

your first and last name;

your residential or mailing address;

the date of the complaint;

the essence of the complaint, i.e. the reasons for contacting us;

your demands;

any other relevant documents or information related to the complaint;

your preferred method of receiving a response (via OPAY self-service, email or post).

To collect all the necessary information that would allow us to examine the complaint smoothly, we have the right to request additional or missing information from you. The complaint is considered received from the day when we receive all the necessary information for the complaint review. If we receive the complaint after 4 pm on a working day, it is considered that we received the complaint on the next working day.

Your authorized representative can also submit a complaint. In this case, the authorized representative must have documents confirming his authorization (for example, a certified power of attorney). A document authorizing another person to act on your behalf must be attached to the complaint.

When sending by mail, your complaint must be clearly and comprehensibly written, signed by yourself or your authorized representative. The complaint should be submitted in Lithuanian or English. We review received complaints free of charge, following the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and internal procedures, ensuring the confidentiality of the information contained in the complaints. The personal data you provide is processed in accordance with our Privacy policy.

How can I find out if my complaint has been received?

After submitting a complaint, you will receive a confirmation message (via email or mail) or a request for additional information in a timely manner.

How long does it usually take for you to respond to a complaint?

After receiving a complaint, we will review it within 15 business days from the date of receipt, with certain exceptions that may prevent us from providing a final response within the specified timeframe. In cases where there are certain objective reasons why we cannot provide an official response to the complaint within 15 business days, we will notify you in writing with an explanation and a final deadline, which cannot be longer than 35 business days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

If the complaint is submitted by a Client (not payment service user) about our services and/or contracts with us, we will review the complaint and inform you of our decision within 30 days of receiving the complaint, except in cases where additional documents are required for the complaint review or the deadline is extended due to mandatory legal acts related to the provision of our services (e.g. international payment card organizations establish a different deadline).

What should I do if the final response does not satisfy me?

If you are a consumer and the final response does not satisfy you, you can always contact us again.

You also have the right to contact the Bank of Lithuania within one year from the date of filing a complaint with us, if you are a consumer. The Bank of Lithuania handles consumer disputes related to financial services outside of court proceedings. The Bank of Lithuania examines complaints free of charge, and you can find more information here. The address of the Bank of Lithuania is ┼Żalgirio g. 90, 09303 Vilnius, and the website address is

The non-judicial resolution authority for consumer disputes that are not subject to the jurisdiction of the Bank of Lithuania is the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority, located at Vilniaus g. 25, LT-01402, Vilnius, with a website

The subject of non-judicial dispute resolution procedures regarding personal data or privacy protection issues is the State Data Protection Inspectorate, address: L. Sapiegos str. 17, 10312 Vilnius, website:

In all cases, you can also defend your violated rights in court in accordance with the procedures established by the law.

Disputes between OPAY and the Client shall be settled by negotiation. In the event of failure to resolve the dispute by negotiation, the dispute shall be settled in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania in Vilnius city in accordance with the procedure established by law.