Self service demonstration

Efficient finance management

Manage and analyze real-time transaction data, including customer payment transactions, applicable commission fees, money deductions or reservations. You can easily download transaction statements in various formats such as XML, CSV, PDF, and more.

Effortlessly manage received funds and withdraw them to your existing bank account based on a predetermined frequency or at a different time. Enjoy the convenience of free and automated periodic payouts, available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Easily process partial or full refunds to customers with just a few clicks directly from our self-service platform. Rest assured that the system safeguards against accidentally refunding a larger amount than the original payment.

Real-time notifications

In the self-service platform, you will not only be able to view your transactions and manage your finances, but also monitor informative system notifications. Each time a payment is made, our system will inform your system indicating which order was paid and what its status is. In case of any system issues, you will have real-time access to initial information and be able to react promptly and eliminate any obstacles.

Server communication

  • Information about our server response time and the provided response.
  • Information about attempts to send a message to us, attempting to ensure that it was successfully delivered.
  • Information about the message sending address, date, and time.
  • In case of server malfunction, you will be able to initiate message resending.

Boost your business with seamless and secure payments!