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Reliable partner

We are a financial institution accredited by the Bank of Lithuania, providing payment collection services and successfully operating in the market since 2012. As one of the largest online payment collection service providers in Lithuania, we have earned the trust of our long-term business partners. The OPAY brand is built on years of experience, attentive service, and continuous improvement, with a commitment to understanding the needs of our clients.

Whether you are a beginner or an established business seeking personalized technological solutions, our professional and dedicated team will assist you in finding the right solutions that meet your specific requirements. With extensive experience in the payment industry, we are experts in our field, striving to make our service adaptable, transparent, and user-friendly. We believe that our efforts will not only benefit you but also be appreciated by your customers.


When making a purchase, customers can select the payment method that suits them best.


Customers will be redirected to the bank or payment page where they can securely confirm their payment.


After the payment is successfully processed, customers will receive a notification and confirmation email.


The OPAY payment system instantly notifies you of the customer's completed payment in real-time.

Offer 20+ payment methods

Don't miss out on sales opportunities in the Baltics – provide your customers with a safe, fast, and convenient payment experience. Our payment options include popular methods such as online banking with Bank Link or Payment initiation service, payment cards, installment payments, and more.

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Easily integrate

Start collecting payments without hassle by utilizing our free plugins designed for popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and more. You don't need any specific technical knowledge to install these plugins, making it the quickest way to get your payment system up and running.

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Our advantages

Increase sales

  • The payment page design tailored to your brand style gives the customer a greater sense of security.
  • In case of an unsuccessful payment, we will offer your customer alternative payment methods or remind them about the outstanding payment.
  • Manage the sales process of your products or services by setting a payment time limit for the payment methods.
  • Your customers will have an exclusive opportunity to transfer a payment to someone else by sharing a unique payment link.
  • Automated payment process reduces the risk of human error and improves the shopping experience for the customer.

Manage resources

  • Easily install various payment methods to meet your business needs, customer habits, and convenience.
  • Monitor your customer's payment transactions in real-time and conveniently manage received funds in your self-service account.
  • Receive informative notifications about your customers' payments and proceed with order fulfillment promptly.
  • Don't worry about the development or improvement of the payment system - it's our investment and concern.

Integrate easily

  • For a quick start, take advantage of free and easily installable plugins for standard platforms.
  • We have prepared informative web API documentation and a PHP library for the implementation of non-standard solutions.
  • Get comprehensive information and advice on system errors or payment mismatches.
  • We will not only assist you with service provision but also with system installation issues to ensure a faster and smoother process.

Feel secure

  • We comply with the requirements set by the Bank of Lithuania and operate under the issued license of a payment institution.
  • We constantly monitor the system's operation and carry out money laundering and terrorist financing prevention.
  • We ensure information security using various measures, and keep customer funds in special accounts.

Boost your business with seamless and secure payments!